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Unparalleled Economic News

As you may know, we are living in extraordinary times. Banks are going out of business everyday, the government is bailing out companies, and we are facing a strong global recession. There are late breaking news events each and every day that affect your personal finances. The purpose of this section is to highlight some of the top money news stories and how they impact you, in an easy to digest format. There are plenty of websites that publish the most current news stories and that is not the intent here. Rather, our goal is to save you time by consolidating the very top stories to their most core elements.

Foreclosures In The News

As you may know, a record number of Americans are facing foreclosure. There are a variety of programs out there to help homeowners in distress.


Hope Now is a group of lenders, investors, financial counselors, and government agencies who are working together to help homeowners avoid foreclosure. The purpose of this article is to provide a high level introduction to The Hope Now Alliance and its mission.

Introduction to the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

You hear about it every single day on the news. Now, learn what it is and the root causes behind the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

Government Financial Initiatives

During this unparalleled economic period, the government has stepped in to help.

The Bush Bailout Bill

The Bush Bailout Bill has gotten a lot of press. This $700 billion dollar bill is intended to aid failing banks and keep our economy afloat.

2009 FHA Loan Changes

Learn all about the recent 2009 changes to the FHA Mortgage Loan program.

Personal Finance News
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Barack Obama's Stance On Money Issues

We have a new President Elect. What are his stances on personal finance and money issues that affect you?

Barack Obama and The Bush Bailout Bill

Right before the end of his term, Bush passed his $700 billion dollar bailout bill. What is Barack Obama's opinion on this bill and what should we expect going forward?

Obama and Taxes

It's a difficult time for most Americans right now. Saving money is becoming more difficult during this time of high unemployment. What are President Elect Obama's plans to improve the economy?

The Homeowner Stability Initiative (HSI)

Learn all about Barack Obama's Homeowner Stability Plan and how it might affect you.

Resources: Barack Obama's Official Website, Government News




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