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Thanks for visiting How Much Answers. The purpose of the below site map is twofold: First and foremost it provides an easy way to understand the structure of our site so you can quickly and efficiently find the topics that interest you the most. Second, site maps are useful for search engines to quickly scan our site and index the pages, allowing more people to find our site. The below site map is divided into two sections. The first section breaks down the site by our major buckets of topics: credit, insurance, investing, and loans. This "view" helps you find the articles of interest to you by scanning the high level buckets and then finding the relevant sub-topics. It's the ideal way to find a specific topic that interests you. The second section breaks down the site in chronological order. The articles on How Much Answers were written in sequence and each article has a number indicating its position in the sequence. If you're interested in mastering your personal finance skills, I highly recommend reading the articles in this order. The topics jump around a bit but will give you a great overall education on personal finance. Want to learn more about my site? You may wish to check out my about us page. Thanks for stopping by!

Section 1: Money Answers Articles By Sub-Topic

This section of the site map breaks down our personal finance articles by bucket, allowing you to quickly find the money answers that are of particular interest to you under the following buckets: credit, debt, insurance, investing, loans, financial news, and other pages of interest.


Credit cards and credit score facts and tips. - Comparing different credit cards - what to keep in mind when applying for credit. Knowing and raising your credit report score.

Credit Card

Establishing credit with a secure credit card account. - How opening a secure credit card account can establish credit, (or fix damaged credit)
Credit card fees, interest rates, and terms on which they are given. - Basic terms on which banks open credit card accounts, and typical fees associated with these accounts.
Prepaid Visa & Mastercard credit cards. - How prepaid credit cards work and what are their fees.
Credit cards - how to compare them and choose one that's right for you. - How to compare and choose a credit card by looking at annual interest rates, card's fees, and its terms.

Credit Report

Credit report and score. - What is a credit score and what information it contains. How the content of your credit report file can affect your life.
Credit score concept. - The general concept of the credit score and how it is calculated.
Free annual credit report online. - The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act will give all U.S. consumers the right to a free annual credit report by September 1, 2005.
Removing inaccurate information from your credit report. - How to deal with credit bureaus when information on your credit report in incorrect.

Credit Score

Information used to calculate credit score. - What information contained in a credit report file is used to calculate your credit score, and what is not used.
Six ways to increase your credit score. - What to do if your credit score is not high enough - six ways of improving your credit rating.

Debt and Bankruptcy

Debt help, debt consolidation, and bankruptcy money answers. - In credit card debt? (Who isn't?) Learn about your debt help, debt consolidation, and bankruptcy options.

Debt Consolidation

Consolidating your credit card debt and improving your personal finances. - Take advantage of credit card consolidation to lower your debt today. Regain control of your personal finances.
Achieve your new financial life through debt consolidation. - Debt Consolidation can help you start your financial life all over again and get out of debt permanently.
Why should I consolidate my credit card debt? - You may be asking why I should consolidate my credit card debt? There are some significant reasons for debt consolidation, learn more.

Debt Help

Using self help to get out of debt. - If you're buried in debt there are ways you can help yourself out of debt today.
Making your debt management plan work. - Make sure you select the right debt management plan for you. Manage your debt and improve your personal finances with our money answers.
Understanding debt help laws, protections and agencies for consumers. - Understanding the laws that are available to protect you can prevent future problems and help you become debt free.


An introduction to filing for bankruptcy. - If you have decided that the only way to deal with your debt is to file for bankruptcy there are some things you need to know.
The different forms of bankruptcy. - Understanding the various forms of bankruptcy can help you understand which option you should consider.
How the new bankruptcy laws can affect you. - Know about the changes in the bankruptcy laws and how they affect you.
Life after bankruptcy. - Before you decide to file bankruptcy understand what hurdles might face you afterwards.
What bankruptcy cannot do. - Don't make the mistake of thinking bankruptcy eliminates all types of debt. Learn more about bankruptcy today.


Insurance types and tips on lowering their costs. - Getting affordable, online insurance quotes and using the internet for researching insurance companies.

Auto Insurance

How insurers calculate the cost of auto insurance. - Auto insurance main components, and how insurance companies calculate policy's cost.
How to lower auto insurance costs. - Ways of lowering auto insurance cost through various discounts, and what you can do to keep insurance price low.
Online auto insurance quote. - What to expect when shopping for auto insurance on the internet and how to compare online quotes.
Gap insurance and why you need it. - When you purchase a new car you will want to make sure you have gap insurance.

Health Insurance

Finding affordable individual health insurance. - Differences between HMOs and PPOs. How to find affordable individual health insurance.
Dental insurance coverage and options. - With more and more dental insurance plans today, it may become difficult to sort out your dental coverage options. Let us help by providing an easy to understand dental insurance introduction.
Understanding dental insurance. - Understanding dental coverage is the first step to proper care. Learn the basics about the different types of dental plans: HMO, PPO, and Group coverage.

Life Insurance

Different types of life insurance and their benefits. - Life insurance basic facts in regards to different types of live policies, varied benefits, and who actually needs life insurance.
Term life insurance as a low cost alternative to other insurance types. - Difference between regular (whole) and term life insurance. Why term life insurance has lower cost, and what to remember when deciding between term and whole.
How to find and buy affordable life insurance. - Tips for finding and buying life insurance policy that is both affordable and offers protection you need.

Home Insurance

Choosing a home owner insurance company. State laws are on your side. - How to choose home owner insurance companies, compare their quotes, and find more information on selected insurers.
Lowering homeowner insurance premiums through discounts and other ways. - How to lower your home owner insurance premiums through discounts and other ways. Evaluating your home insurance needs and matching them with the right policy.
Private mortgage insurance: PMI. - When private mortgage insurance is necessary and what conditions allow to cancel PMI.
Understanding title insurance. - Whether you are purchasing a home or refinancing a home, you should invest in title insurance.

Renter's Insurance

The importance of having renter's insurance. - Beginner's guide to the importance of having renter's insurance. What renter's insurance covers, how it works, and how to apply.

Earthquake Insurance

What is earthquake insurance. - An introduction to earthquake insurance for homeowners and renters. The most important things to consider when deciding whether to purchase earthquake insurance.


Retirement investing. - 401(k)s are similar to Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)


The basics of a 401K plan. - What is a 401k plan and its main benefits.
401K rollover, employer's contributions, borrowing and hardship withdrawal. - 401k facts regarding matching contributions, leaving the employer, borrowing from your 401(k) plan, and difference between early and so called hardship withdrawal.
401K investment options. - The general investment options for 401k plan owners.


Benefits of a Roth IRA (Individual Retirement Account). - Why a Roth IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is considered one of the best financial vehicles into which you can put your money.


Introduction to DRIPs. - Learning more about Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs) can help you be a smart investor. DRIPs are a personal passion of mine, learn why I like them so much.
Why DRIPs are a great investment. - Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs) make great investments, both in the short term and long term. Learn all about these advantages including dollar cost averaging.


Basic facts about loans and their costs. - Ways of comparing different loan types presented by lenders online.

Home Loans

Comparing and choosing home loans. - Basic principles of comparing home loans, understanding Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and choosing between fixed and adjustable home loan.
Shopping for a home loan that matches your situation. - How to find the best home loan option that is right for your situation. First time home buyers guide to understanding the process of shopping for a home loan.
Home equity loans can save tax money. - What is a home equity loan and how it can lower your federal taxes.
Mortgage refinancing. Tips for getting a new home loan. - When mortgage refinancing is the right option, and how to make sure that the cost of a new home loan is less then the savings on refinancing.
Home mortgage fees and tips. - Paying various home mortgage fees - how they can be lowered or avoided.
Buying a home - seven painful mistakes to avoid. - What not to do when buying a new home. Seven common mistakes that should be avoided.
How not to refinance your home - Four common mistakes. - Four cardinal mistakes homeowners make when refinancing their home loans.
Common misconceptions about home equity loans and equity lines of credit. - Understanding the difference between a home equity loan and an equity line of credit with some general tips regarding both.

Auto Loans

Finding auto loans online. - Reasons why it is better not to finance a car purchase at a dealership, and tips for finding an auto loan online.
Car dealer auto loans and incentives for buyers. - Why an auto loan at a car dealership might be a costly mistake. Tips on how to deal with a car dealer offering buyer's incentives.

Payday Loans

Truth about high cost of online payday loans. - Terms and fees of online payday loans, and why they are considered high cost loans.

Loan Interest Rates

Interest rate changes. - Why there are different interest rates and how they change.
Introduction to The Fed Funds Rate. - You've probably heard about the Federal Funds Rate in the news. Learn all about The Fed Rate and how it may impact your personal finances.
How the Fed Funds Rate impacts your loans. - Before you can understand the impact of the Federal Funds Rate you need to understand what it is. Learn all about the Fed Fund Rate and its impact on your loan.

Small Business Loans

Small business bank loans. - Understanding small business bank loans can help you succeed in starting your new small business.
Peer to peer lending. - P2P (Peer to Peer) Lending is quickly becoming a good source of funding for small business. Learn how to secure your person to person loan today.

Financial News & Money Answers

Personal finance money answers news. - Given the tremendous changes in our financial system recently, How Much Answers is now providing articles all about current financial news. With banks going out of business and the government stepping in to help, the news has been fast-paced and confusing. The purpose of this section is to summarize developments in our financial system in an easy to understand format.

The Bush Bailout Bill - Learn the facts about the Bush Bailout Bill.
The HOPE NOW Alliance - If you're facing the possibility of losing your home to foreclosure, there is help available to you with HOPE NOW.
Barack Obama and The Bush Bailout Bill - The Bush Bailout Bill terms will be handled by President Elect Barack Obama. How will this affect his plans?
Barack Obama and Taxes - How will President Elect Barack Obama affect your ability to save money after taxes?
Introduction To The Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis - Every single day, there's talk about the sub-prime mortgage crisis on the news. Learn all about the sub-prime crisis and what caused it in the first place.
The Homeowner Stability Initiative (HSI) - If you are one of the millions who is concerned about foreclosure, the Homeowner Stability Initiative (HSI) could help you.
2009 FHA Loan Changes - Make sure you understand the changes to the FHA lending regulations. All about the recent 2009 FHA loan changes.

Other Pages of Interest

How Much Answers Homepage - The homepage of this site. Your guide to personal finances and money answers.
Site Map - The page you are on now. The How Much Answers site map provides an easy way to navigate our site and find the money answers and articles you are looking for.
About Us - Learn all about your How Much Answers webmaster and this site.
Legal Disclaimer & Privacy Policy - legal disclaimer and privacy policy.
Related Links - Links to other relevant sites that provide personal finance money answers. Carefully reviewed directory of money answers links.

Section 2: Money Answers Articles In Chronological Order

This portion of the site map lists our specific articles in chronological order. If you are interested in reading through all articles on the site, this is a great way to read them in the order they were written. I recommend this as a great way to get an overall personal finance education.

Auto insurance cost. 1
Lowering auto insurance costs. 2
Online auto insurance. 3
Secure credit card. 4
Credit card fees. 5
Comparing home loans. 6
Shopping for a home loan . 7
Home equity loan. 8
Mortgage refinancing. 9
Home mortgage. 10
Credit score. 11
Individual health insurance. 12
Types of life insurance.13
Term life insurance. 14
Affordable life insurance. 15
Homeowner insurance. 16
Home owner insurance discounts. 17
Online payday loans. 18
Interest rate changes.19
Buying a home - seven mistakes to avoid. 20
How not to refinance your home. 21
Misconceptions about home equity loans and equity lines of credit. 22
Private mortgage insurance. 23
Credit score. 24
Information used to calculate credit score. 25
Ways to increase your credit score. 26
Free annual credit report online. 27
The basics of a 401K plan. 28
401K rollover, employer’s contributions, borrowing and hardship withdrawal. 29
401K investments. 30
Roth IRA. 31
Auto loans online. 32
Car dealer auto loans. 33
Prepaid credit cards and fees. 34
Choosing credit card. 35
Removing inaccurate information from your credit report. 36
The importance of having renter's insurance. 37
What is earthquake insurance. 38
The Bush Bailout Bill. 39
The HOPE NOW Alliance. 40
Barack Obama and The Bush Bailout. 41
Barack Obama and Taxes. 42
Debt consolidation introduction. 43
Debt consolidation and your new financial life. 44
Why should I consolidate my debt? 45
Introduction to filing for bankruptcy. 46
The different forms of bankruptcy. 47
How the new bankruptcy laws can affect you. 48
Life after bankruptcy. 49
What bankruptcy cannot do. 50
Using self help to get out of debt. 51
Making your debt management plan work. 52
Understanding debt help laws, protections and agencies for consumers. 53
Introduction to DRIPs. 54
Why DRIPs are a great investment. 55
Dental insurance coverage and options. 56
Gap insurance and why you need it. 57
Understanding title insurance. 58
Understanding dental insurance. 59
Small Business Bank Loans. 60
Peer To Peer Lending. 61
Federal Funds Rate. 62
How The Federal Funds Rate Impacts Your Loan. 63
Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis. 64
Homeowner Stability Initiative. 65
2009 FHA Loan Changes. 66


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