HOW MUCH? - loan answers

Basic facts about loans and their costs.


Home loans and mortgage refinancing

Common misconceptions about home equity loans and equity lines of credit.

Understanding the difference between a home equity loan and an equity line of credit with some general tips regarding both.

Home equity loans can save tax money.

What is a home equity loan and how it can lower federal taxes.

Shopping for a home loan that matches your situation.

How to find the best home loan option that is right for your situation. First time home buyers guide to understanding the process of shopping for a home loan.

Comparing and choosing home loans.

Basic principles of comparing home loans, understanding Annual Percentage Rate(APR) and choosing between fixed and adjustable home loans.

Home mortgage fees and tips.

Paying various home mortgage fees – how they can be lowered or avoided.

Buying a home - seven painful mistakes to avoid.

What not to do when buying a new home. Seven common mistakes that should be avoided.

How not to refinance your home - Four common mistakes.

Four cardinal mistakes homeowners make when refinancing their home loans.

Mortgage refinancing. Tips for getting a new home loan.

When mortgage refinancing is the right option, and how to make sure that the cost of a new home loan is less then the savings on refinancing.

Auto loans

Finding auto loans online.

Reasons why it is better not to finance a car purchase at a dealership, and tips for finding an auto loan online.

Car dealer auto loans and incentives for buyers.

Why an auto loan at a car dealership might be a costly mistake. Tips on how to deal with a car dealer offering buyer’s incentives.

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Other Loan Topics

Truth about high cost of online payday loans.

Terms and fees of online payday loans, and why they are considered high cost loans

Interest rate changes.

Why there are different interest rates and how they change.

Introduction to The Fed Funds Rate.

You've probably heard all about the Fed Funds rate on the news. Learn all about this important interest rate and how it relates to loans.

How the Fed Funds Rate impacts your loans.

Learn about the Federal Funds Rate and the Prime Interest Rate. Understand how changes in the Federal Funds Rate can directly impact the interest rate of your loan.

Small business loans.

Thinking about starting your own small business? Learn the basics about drafting your business plan and loan proposal for your bank to approve.

Peer to peer lending.

Interested in securing a loan without going to the bank? You may wish to consider the latest trend in lending, peer to peer (or person to person) lending.




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