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Retirement investing.


Benefits of a Roth IRA.

Why a Roth IRA is considered one of the best financial vehicles into which you can put your money.

The basics of a 401K plan.

What is a 401K plan and its main benefits.

A 401K is funded with worker’s pre-tax dollars and employers contributions (if any).

Both the growth of the funds, and the employers contributions are tax-deferred, which means you only pay taxes when the money is withdrawn. In that sense, 401Ks are similar to Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA), where the money cannot be withdrawn until the age of 59 and a half, except for special circumstances.

401K rollover, employer’s contributions, borrowing and hardship withdrawal.

401K facts regarding matching contributions, leaving the employer, borrowing from your 401K plan, and difference between early and so called “hardship withdrawal.

401K investment options.

The general investment options for 401K plan owners.

Stock Investing Quotes
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Introduction to DRIPs.

Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs) are one of the best ways to invest for your retirement, in addition to maxing out your 401k and IRA options. Learn all about the fundamentals of DRIPs and what these plans are all about. I'm personally a big fan of DRIPs and hope to share my enthusiasm with you!

Why DRIPs are a great investment.

DRIPs are a great investment, both in the short run and the long run. This article discusses the main benefits, especially dollar cost averaging.

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