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How to find and buy affordable life insurance.


Risk of insuring one’s life.

Insurance companies calculate the cost of life insurance based primarily on statistical data showing the risk of insuring the individual.

As with other insurance products, there are many factors in which you have no influence; your age for instance, but there are variables that you can change, thus making the cost of insuring your life more affordable.

Take care of your health, and give up on risky activities.

The following activities can and will lower your life insurance quote, making it more affordable:

  • quitting smoking.
  • staying healthy.
  • not practicing dangerous sports.

Affordable insurance quotes will come from independent agents.

When shopping around for life insurance you can either contact one of the big national insurance companies or talk to an independent insurance broker. Big companies often have a long line of insurance products to choose form, but those products do not compete between themselves, no matter how great they are.

An independent insurance agent usually works with at least a few companies and is most likely more knowledgeable than you in matters of comparing different life policy types. Before making a decision, it is not a bad idea to talk to a few agents and ask questions to gain a better understanding of all the aspects involved.

Comparing insurance quotes and their benefits before buying.

The obvious is to compare insurance premiums, but it does not all come down to the initial price.

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Often a quote which is a little more expensive can prove to be more affordable in your older age. You should consider the following before you buy: 

  • whether rates stay the same or increase over time.
  • adjustability of the policy when your situation changes.
  • whether it is a convertible policy when considering term insurance.
  • what are your choices when you quit employment (or otherwise leave the group) with group life insurance.
  • what will the cash value of the policy be in time when considering whole life insurance.
  • risk of the investment in variable life insurance.

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