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Insurance types and tips on lowering their costs.


Auto insurance

How insurers calculate the cost of auto insurance.

Auto insurance main components, and how insurance companies calculate policy’s cost.

How to lower auto insurance costs.

Ways of lowering auto insurance cost through various discounts, and what you can do to keep insurance price low.

Online auto insurance quote.

What to expect when shopping for auto insurance on the internet and how to compare online quotes.

Gap auto insurance and why you need it.

Learn all about gap auto insurance, coverage that protects you from the the difference between the amount you owe on your auto loan and the value of your auto (which is often much lower especially when you first buy your car).

Home insurance

Choosing a homeowner insurance company. State laws are on your side.

How to choose homeowner insurance companies, compare their quotes, and find more information on selected insurers, through state insurance departments and other means.

Lowering homeowner insurance premiums through discounts and other ways.

How to lower your home owner insurance premiums through discounts and other ways – evaluating your home insurance needs and matching them with the right policy.

Private mortgage insurance: PMI.

When private mortgage insurance is necessary and what conditions allow to cancel PMI.

Understanding title insurance.

Title insurance protects you from liens against your new home.

Life insurance

How to find and buy affordable life insurance.

Tips for finding and buying life insurance policy that is both affordable and offers protection you need.

Different types of life insurance and their benefits.

Life insurance basic facts in regards to different types of live policies, varied benefits, and who actually needs life insurance. 

Auto, Home, Life, and Medical Insurance Policies
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Term life insurance as a low cost alternative to other insurance types.

Difference between regular(whole) and term life insurance. Why term life insurance have lower cost, and what to remember when deciding which option to choose.

Health Insurance

Finding affordable individual health insurance.

Differences between HMO’s and PPO’s – how to find affordable individual health insurance.

Dental insurance coverage and options.

Introduction to dental insurance and understanding your plan. While most dental plans cover standard dentist visits, understand if your plan covers larger procedures.

Understanding dental insurance.

Information about the different types of dental insurance plans: HMO, PPO, and Group coverage.

Other Types of Insurance

All about renter's insurance.

Top reasons why it's important to get renter's insurance. Tips and information on what's covered, what's not, and questions to ask when looking for renter's insurance.

What is earthquake insurance.

An introduction to earthquake insurance for homeowners and renters. The most important things to consider when deciding whether to purchase earthquake insurance.

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