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None of us wants to go to see a dentist, but the fact of the matter is that we should all be taking that trip at least one time a year. Your employer may be offering you dental insurance and you may be wondering just what you need. Let us look at some of the things you should find out before you sign up for dental coverage.

Freedom of Choice

One of the things you should carefully review before selecting a dental plan is whether you are free to select your own dentist. Remember, you are only going to see them once or maximum twice a year for usual dental care and you do not want to go to a dentist that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Decision Making

One of the concerns with some dental plans is who is ultimately going to make the decision on what care you may need. This is important to determining the cost of your dental care. Some plans will only pay for very basic service and you have to pay any difference. You will want a plan that allows you to make your dental care decisions in concert your dentist.

Dental Plan Coverage

While most dental plans offer some standard coverage such as cleanings, x-rays and other routine care, what happens if you need emergency dental care? Dental implants, bridges and dentures may be some of the procedures that are not covered or only partially covered. Determine right up front what preventative dental care your dental insurance carrier offers.

Corrective Treatment

Standard coverage is about the same regardless of the dental plan you select. Where you will start to see differences in coverage is corrective dental treatments. These treatments might include such things as tooth extractions, fillings and root canals. Find out the level of routine corrective dental treatments coverage before you discover you are paying for far less insurance than you think.

Dental Insurance

Major Dental Care

Most standard dental insurance plans cover some major dental work. The bigger issue is that this coverage is usually minimal and involves large out of pocket expenses for you. Make sure you read the dental coverage details thoroughly and understand what major dental care coverage you have.

Specialized Dental Care

If you discover that you have a dental issue that requires specialized care find out how your dental insurance plan handles the referral. Some plans allow you to search for your own specialist with the guidance of your usual dentist while others require that you use only those specialists that they will accept. Pediatric dentists often fall in this category.

Dental Insurance Summary

Remember the company that is providing you with dental insurance benefit information is required by law to provide you with complete information about your dental benefits. Your dental plan benefits should be fully explained and should include all limitations, coverage and any exclusions that may apply. Before you make a final decision on dental insurance make sure that you have the coverage that is right for you and your family. You are working very hard for your benefits as an employee, make sure you do your research and take full advantage of your dental benefits.

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