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Online auto insurance quote.


Getting an auto insurance quote online.

More and more insurance companies are launching e-commerce sites where you can buy insurance products online, without ever talking to a person, at least in theory.

There is a lot of competition among insurance brokers, and the internet is already full of website advertisements encouraging you to do all your insurance business from behind a computer desk. Buying auto insurance online can be beneficial to both customer and company.

Shoppers save time and insurance companies save on resources and overhead costs.

Online auto insurance survey.

Some web sites which say they promise on line insurance quotes will eventually ask the customer to phone for the quote, or they will try to record your phone number for an agent to call you back. More sophisticated web sites, usually larger insurance companies, have the ability to take you through a survey where you answer about 40 questions and are provided with an actual on line auto insurance quote. All the information is recorded, but it will need to be verified when you finalize the deal.

Information needed to get an internet auto insurance quote.
Insurance companies use statistical data to assess the potential risk of your getting into an accident. The main factors are:

  • age; younger drivers pay more for auto insurance since they are more likely to have an accident.
  • sex; in general, policies for men are more expensive than women's policies.
  • your marital status; married people have less insurance claims and tend to drive in a more safe manner than unmarried people. Married people also get discounts on auto insurance policies.
  • driving record; no accidents or tickets always means lower online insurances rates.
  • distance you drive; the less you drive the less you pay for auto insurance.
  • where you live; in some states an auto insurance policy is very expensive, in others it is quite cheap. It all depends on how congested the area is, and on the number of insurance claims in that area. There are also great differences in cities within one state. In small cities away from major metropolitan areas, auto insurance is almost always lower no matter if bought online or in an insurance broker's office.
  • cost of insurance policy greatly depends on the make and the model of the car you are insuring; the more you paid for it, the more an online policy quote will be.
  • increasingly, insurance companies take your credit score into account when calculating an auto insurance quote. People with good credit tend to have less auto accidents and don’t make as much insurance claims as people with lower credit scores.

Finalizing the deal.

It takes about 15 minutes to answer all the questions and at the end you are provided with an insurance quote online. In most cases, you still have to see someone in person to finalize your deal. Insurance companies will need to verify the information recorded online and then underwrite a policy. You might have to provide proof of the facts you claimed, including verification of your address, employment and the like.

Is an online search for the best insurance quote for you?

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If you prefer to talk to a live person and have the ability to ask questions; don’t shop for insurance online. Do it the old fashioned way. Some people prefer to interact with a web site, rather than speak with an aggressive insurance agent. If this is the case, it might not be a bad idea to try to get a quote for auto insurance on the internet.

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