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Debt and Bankruptcy

Millions of Americans are in debt to some extent. Whether it's credit card, tax, student loan, or medical debt, the burden can seem overwhelming. Rest assured that millions of other people are in the exact same situation as you. There are many sites on the Internet about debt. The purpose of this section is to provide quick, easy to understand information to help you easily make informed decisions to improve your situation. We hope this helps you out!

Debt Consolidation

If you're trying to get out of debt, you have most likely heard the phrase debt consolidation. This is actually a broad concept that encompasses several possible solutions including debt consolidation loans, debt settlement, consumer credit counseling, and more.

Consolidating your credit card debt and improving your personal finances.

Information about improving your overall personal finances through debt consolidation.

Achieve your new financial life through debt consolidation.

Building upon the prior article, we discuss the different types of debt consolidation and your road to a new financial life.

Why should I consolidate my credit card debt?

Not all of the benefits of consolidating your debt are obvious. We drill down into the various benefits of consolidating your credit card debt such as lower monthly payments, no more harassing phone calls, improving your financial situation, less stress, and financial education.

Debt Help

Tips on how you can help yourself get out of debt.

Using self help to get out of debt.

You may be able to help yourself get out of debt. Discussion of budgeting and also how to contact your creditors to get relief on your bills.

Making your debt management plan work.

Strategies you can leverage to stick to your debt management plan to become debt free.

Understanding debt help laws, protections and agencies for consumers.

If you're in debt and trying to get help, it's important to know the laws and protections that are on your side for your benefit.


Sometimes debt consolidation is not enough. You have attempted some form of debt consolidation, credit counseling, or budgeting, but see no way out of your debt burden. The purpose of this section is to provide comprehensive information about the types of bankruptcy, the bankruptcy filing process, bankruptcy laws, and more to assist in your decision making process.

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An introduction to filing for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy involves multiple steps such as understanding the process, laws, participating in counseling, filing with the court, and more. Explore this article for an overview of how to file for bankruptcy.

The different types of bankruptcy.

An overview of the different types of bankruptcy: chapter 7, chapter 9, chapter 11, chapter 12, chapter 13, chapter 15.

The new bankruptcy laws and how they affect you.

How the new bankruptcy laws of October 2005 affect you. A discussion of the changes and how they affect chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Life after bankruptcy.

How your life will change after bankruptcy and some important considerations to make when choosing whether to file for bankruptcy or pay off your debts via other means.

What bankruptcy cannot do.

Discussion of the types of debt that are not discharged through bankruptcy.

Resources: Wage Garnishment, United States Bankruptcy Courts




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