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There are numerous online sources to obtain your credit reports and some of them offer the opportunity to see what your current credit scoring looks like.

Remember that there are three FICO credit scores, based on reports from three credit bureaus which are not the same. Reporting is not mandatory and many banks report to one agency only. In most cases, your score will be similar on all three reports. Similarly, when you apply for credit, the lender will obtain only one credit score from the credit bureau which they use. However, when applying for big loans like a mortgage, most banks will check all three scores, so it is not a bad idea to know what they are.

You can get your reports directly from credit reporting agencies on the internet, by mail or, in some cases, by phone. In some states if you applied and were denied credit you can get your report for free.

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Equifax credit report: $9.50.

Equifax website also allows to order FICO score along with credit report for $14.95.
To order by phone: 800-437-4619 or 800 685-1111.

Experian credit report online: $14.95.
888 397-3742.

TransUnion personal credit report and score $9.50.
800 916-8800.

All three FICO scores along with credit reports can be purchased at for $44.85

New federal law in regards to credit reporting:

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) will give all U.S. consumers the right to a free annual credit report by September 1, 2005.

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