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Welcome to How Much Answers and thank you for visiting! The purpose of this page is to provide some background about this site and me, your How Much Answers webmaster. This is a small one person operation with very big aspirations! I'm very excited about the future and continuing to add more valuable "money answers" and helping more people with quality money information!

My Goal: It's difficult to get common sense money answers. Most schools these days do a great job of teaching all sorts of subjects such as math, science, history, and English. However, they don't expose us to the much needed financial curriculum. The goal of this site is to provide honest, free information about a variety of personal finance topics to help empower and improve everyone's personal finance education. My goal is to provide easy to understand and practical information about a variety of personal finance topics including credit, insurance, investing, and loans. There are sites out there that focus in on a subset of the topics covered here in amazing detail. My goal here is to take a broader approach and provide high level information about a variety of personal finance topics. By doing so, my goal is to act as a quick, easy to use reference for a broad array of practical money questions.

My Passion For Money: Ever since I was in high school, I have been fascinated with money. My main fascination stems from the desire to be independent and free. The notion is that if I have full control of my personal finances, I am financially free and independent, with much more control over all decisions in my life. This knowledge and command over my finances should elevate my overall lifestyle and happiness, opening opportunities that did not exist before. Has this been the case so far? I would say a resounding yes, with the caveat that I'm nowhere near where I want to be! My studies of personal finance have given me many options in life so far. I still have a strong desire to retire young, have complete freedom, and spend my days completely on the hobbies I enjoy the most (quit my day job). I'm not there yet, but that's what keeps me motivated. I know that if I continue to master personal finances and make smart money decisions, I will one day have enough passive income from my investments such that I don't need a job to support myself. I am more passionate about money than ever before because the more I learn, the closer I am to my goals. Knowledge is power and I truly hope to provide valuable, easy to understand information to everyone who visits this site that will help you out in your own life goals.

My Web Business: I hinted on it in the last paragraph - I'm working hard to build up passive income. What is passive income? This is basically money that comes through the door without having to work for it directly. With passive income, you spend the time up front building an income stream but then it keeps coming through the door each month forever, what a concept! Taking the example of this website, I get advertising income from the advertisements on this site. Not only am I incentivised to grow this site because I love personal finance, but I'm also making money (very small right now but growing). My eventual goal is to own a network of valuable websites that bring more and more passive income through the door. My dream is to work on this fun and exciting hobby full time! What could be better? Writing about a topic I love, helping people with free information, and becoming fully independent (no more reliance on my 9 to 5 job).

Please Contact Me: The best thing as a webmaster is to get emails from your visitors. I work very hard on this site. Often, I'm up until the early hours of the morning because I am so passionate about personal finance and making this site a success. It's extremely rewarding to know that people are finding this site helpful in their own quest to improve their financial knowledge. Please feel free to email me at I'm always excited to get feedback (whether positive or negative), ideas for new topics, questions, or even just a simple "hi".

Thank You! To close out this about me page, I really want to thank you. Without you visiting my website, there is no website. I really value everyone who has taken the time to check out my site. I wish you the best in your personal finances and hope I have helped a little bit to improve your knowledge. Have a great day!


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